Real estate agent vs listing websites for homebuyers in Kerala

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You’ve always dreamt of that perfect home and now that you have a stable salary you’ve started your search. You don’t want any mistakes in your decision since you are going to be paying a bulk of your salary as mortgage for the next few years. So you’ve been through months of agonising thought, tedious research and sleepless nights of indecision, but you don’t feel confident on any of your choices. You’re a first-time buyer and you know that it makes you vulnerable to a lot of risks out there. This is the dilemma in which we find most of the Indian home buyers today. What is the answer to all these problems? Online real estate websites and local real estate agents are the two modes of search that we’ll be considering. We’ll have to agree that both online marketing platforms and an agent on field both has it’s pros and cons. We’ll have a quick scrutiny of both these.

Advantages of searching for properties online in Kerala

  • The wealth of content: The listings online are so numerous that it is quite simple for you to find options that meets your demands. Most of these websites offers filters that can narrow down your search to a few that fits your requirement. On the other hand, a local real estate agent in Kerala might actually have only a few listings at hand and can even talk you into believing that these are the only options available and that you’ll have to settle for what he has to offer.
  • Easy comparison of properties: Most of these websites offer easy and unbiased comparison of properties while a local agent may oversell a property that he is sure to get more commission on.
  • Inexpensive: While hiring a local real estate agent is surely going to cost you a lot of money scrolling through properties online is not going to cost you a single penny. They are available anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Ideal for a buyer with a packed schedule: People who are too busy to take property tours can scroll through listings even at their work desk and even take virtual tours offered by some of the premium websites.

Disadvantages of real estate websites in Kerala

  • Staging: While looking for a property online our impression of the property solely rely on the information that has been uploaded by the seller. To the seller the website is just a lead generation portal and the more the number of leads the better the odds of getting your property sold. So, the seller would never include the negatives of a property in the description. The property will be staged with exceptional photographs that are frequently digitally enhanced to look better than the property does. Yet another possibility is that you may overlook a nice property just because it has been poorly photographed by the seller.
  • The neighbourhood: It is extremely important that you get to know the neighbourhood properly before you make a purchase. In a country like India we are to watch out for nearby places of worship, proximity to rail roads or other noisy activities, proximity to factories that pollute the area etc , as these would never be mentioned by the seller. All these can only be ruled out with a thorough tour of the neighbourhood. All this will go unaddressed when you choose to buy a property that you see online without a visit.
  • Reliability of the data: Anyone with an internet connection can go online and post their property. Agents looking to generate leads are putting up numerous fake listings that match almost every possible specs just to generate leads. Later buyers are talked into buying from the few listings that are available. All these open platforms have become cluttered with such fakes and sorting genuine listings from fake ones have become a real challenge

Advantage of having an agent on field in Kerala

  • Reliability: The RERA (Real estate regulatory authority ) act 2016 , make a registration mandatory for anyone to act  as middlemen in any real estate transactions in India .Which means unlike in the yesteryears anyone who shows off a property to a buyer cannot take commission from the buyer nor the seller and it would considered a crime if he or she does so. This means that if you hire a real estate agent who’s registered with RERA he would be most certainly reliable.

Reliability of real estate agents have been a major issue the past years but now this has been addressed properly under the RERA act which safeguards both buyers and sellers from fraudulent middlemen.

  • Family specific advice regarding what to look for: When you are a first-time homebuyer and you haven’t given much thought as to what you’ll want in your new home, an experienced real estate agent can give valuable advice regarding the features you might want to look for in a new home considering the needs of your family. They can guide you while you weigh your options and reason out your choices and by doing so, they’ll help you find a home that fits your budget and at the same time fulfil your basic requirements.
  • Knows what to watch out for while purchasing a property: Home buyers, more frequently first-time buyers fall prey to fraudulent builders and end up in mishap after the transaction is complete. A real estate agent knows what to cross check before a property may be considered for purchase. For example, very frequently property title may show discrepancies after the purchase has been made and the buyer will have to go through a lot of trouble to straighten out the problem. An agent will know what to look for and he can help you cross check the documents and warn you against potential problems after the purchase.
  • Saves time and energy: For those who wish to purchase a home but has too busy a schedule to venture out to find a home that fits your need, a real estate agent might be of great help. They’ll help you with everything till the time you move in and sometimes even further. The paper works involved in a property purchase are so elaborate that you may end up being intimidated by it. Once you hire and agent who is well versed with the paper works involved you wouldn’t have to bother about any of that and all you have to do is point at the house you want to buy.
  • Well networked: Those agents who have been working in the real estate sector for quite some time will be well connected with people and businesses related to the field. So, they can help get things done while moving into your new home especially when you are new to the locality. For instance, they can help you find a plumber, an electrician , interior designer etc , which would be bit of a challenge to someone relatively new to a locality.
  • Knowledge regarding local market: Someone not very familiar with the real estate sector, as most of us are may fall victim to unfair prices and an agent familiar with the local real estate market can help you put a price tag on your choices of interest.
  • Help you with negotiations

Disadvantages of a hiring real estate agent in Kerala

In Kerala the designation of a real estate agent has an ill reputation as the field has been dominated by unregistered agents showing off properties and claiming commissions on transactions. In this scenario reliability was the major concern.

With the RERA act 2016 having come into force, this has come to an end and reliability will no more be an issue for someone looking to hire an agent in Kerala.

Taking into considerations all the facts discussed above our suggestion of the best way to look for a home is to combine both online searches and an agent on field. That is where we come in. Reagnt helps your browse through listings conveniently and once you wish to take a tour of the listings our agents will be at your disposal, helping you with everything involved in purchasing a home of your dreams.

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